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DEC 2010:

Product presentation to senior N American Special Forces Diving community in support of a client.

NOV 2010:

Paul Haynes guest speaker at the Scottish Diving Conference looking at Rebreather fatality analysis data and contributory physiological factors.

OCT 2010:

Diving trip to Scapa Flow to dive the German Fleet war ships, Sports Mixed Gas Instructor cross over completed.

SEP 2010:

Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructional video completed for a client.

AUG 2010:

At a depth of 62m, SS Greenawn was dived in poor conditions.  Last seen in 1941 off the NE Scottish town of Montrose, evidence from the site suggest Luftwaffe aerial attack was the cause of the loss and all her crew.  Although she remains in good condition, there appears to be recent damage in the mid-ships area, possibly as a result of a trawl snagging her.

Working between divers and diver to surface over a distance of 200m, the UTC through water text system again enhanced diving safety (www.utc-digital.com).   Despite the poor conditions, a continual up-date on the dive was relayed to the surface safety team throughout the 80 minute dive.  Messages included: AT STERN, AT MID-SHIPS, AT BOW, RETURNING TO SHOT, LEFT BOTTOM, AT LAST DECO STOP, ALL OK.

AUG 2010:

On behalf of a client, Haynes Marine Ltd successfully manages customer Sea Acceptance Trials of manned submersible vehicle diving and training operations in accordance with UK Health and Safety Diving at Work Regulations.

JULY 2010:

PSAI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Training Course completed at Lochaline Dive Centre, Sound of Mull, Scotland (www.lochalinedivecentre.co.uk)

JULY 2010:

BSAC Inspiration Classic Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Training Course completed at Lochaline Dive Centre, Sound of Mull, Scotland (www.lochalinedivecentre.co.uk)

JUNE 2010:

Unknown ship wreck dived South of Eyemouth, East coast of Scotland.  This as yet unidentified merchant vessel sits upright mostly in-tact on an even keel in 70m.  Although collapsed, three large masts are identifiable features and a Direction Finding (DF) aerial suggests a WWII loss.  


Wreck of SS Fernside dived twice. Located approximately 6 miles off Stonehaven on the NE coast of Scotland at a depth of approximately 60m.  SS Fernside is a 117 feet long collier which had set out on 26 February 1942 from Hartlepool bound for Wick with a cargo of coal. Her whereabouts remained unknown for almost 60 years until she was stumbled upon by divers from Aberdeen in 2007.  Believed to have been sunk by German aircraft, lying on an even keel the damage to her is extensive suggesting a fast sinking.  There were no survivors.


Paul Haynes assists on a BSAC Coxswain Assessment practical examination and is awarded a BSAC Coxswain Examinor qualification.


On behalf of Divex Ltd., Haynes Marine successfully trains a naval diving team in the safe use of Clearance Diver's Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) in order that a product evaluation can be undertaken.


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