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FEB: 13

After dinner speech presented to the Scotish Hyperbaric Society.

JAN: 2013

Stealth SC training course conducted for a SE Asian Special Operations team on behalf of Divex Ltd.  Stealth SC is a small compact semi closed circuit rebreather able to be used with oxygen, nitrox, trimix or heliox gases to a maximum depth of 60m.

DEC: 2012

Operator Manual written and training materials designed for the Divex Stealth SC, a new generation of semi closed-circuit constant mass flow rebreathers for mine countermeasures (MCM) and Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) diving operations (www.divexglobal.com)

DEC: 2012

Series of Divex Stealth SC rebreather test dives completed.

NOV: 2012

Scapa Flow CCR diving trip.

OCT: 2012

Inspiration Classic CCR training course completed.

SEPT: 2012

A Stealth electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather (eCCR) Training course conducted for a European maritime Special Operations Team on behalf of Divex Ltd.  The Stealth eCCR is the world's most advanced military mixed gas closed circuit rebreather, further information may be found at www.divexglobal.com

AUGUST: 2012

Paul Haynes confirmed speaker at Oztek, the world's premier technical diving conference, Sydney, Australia 16/17th March 2013 (http://www.diveoztek.com.au)

AUGUST: 2012

A week of deep shipwreck exploration conducted off NE Scotland.

Read More Here at CCR Explorers

JULY: 2012

Two deep shipwrecks dived off the NE of Scotland.

Following a direct hit by aerial launched torpedo on the 11th November 1940, SS Creemuir sank in 3 minutes with the lose of 26 crew and one gunner.  Having only been previously dived once in 1999 by Paul Haynes, Rod Macdonald (www.rod-macdonald.co.uk) and friends from Buchan Divers (www.buchandivers.com), she lies in 71m some 12 miles North East of the small fishing town of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

JUNE: 2012

Haynes Marine conducts a three-week Stealth electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather (eCCR) Instructor Training course for the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Divers on behalf of Divex Ltd.  Designed primarily for Mine Countermeasures (MCM) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) diving operations, Stealth is the world's most advanced military mixed gas closed circuit rebreather.  Further information may be found at www.divexglobal.com

Congratulations to Michael Menduno on Earning His PSAI CCR Diver Certification!

The Man Who Opened Pandora's Box for Technical Diving Through Aqua Corps Magazine


Michael Menduno, Hal Watts and Paul Haynes

Pictured above (left to right) are Michael Menduno, Hal Watts & Paul Haynes.

One cannot be a student of the history of technical diving without knowing the name of Michael Menduno or Hal Watts. PSAI is proud to congratulate Michael on his earning of his PSAI CCR Diver Certification this past week after training with PSAI Instructor Trainer Paul Haynes.

More photos on this historical reunion and Michael's CCR training will soon appear in the News section of the PSAI.com web site. Stay tuned.


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