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Paul Haynes provides maritime naval operations technical advice, safety support and plays a cameo role in Pinewood Films latest production 'Pressure'.   Based upon a real event, 'Pressure' tells the story of a diving bell lost on the seabed and the divers fight to survive.


Presenting 'World War Two Frogmen',  as part of a day of WWII maritime historical lectures, Paul Haynes is a guest speaker at Aberdeen Council Town Hall.

AUG: 2013

Unknown steam ship found and dived at a depth of 65m.  Later research identifies her as SS Silverburn captured by German U Boat in 1917 and sunk by gun fire.


The ships bell from SS Creemuir is presented to the last living survivor (ccrexplorers.com).

Attacked by german aircraft in Nov 1940 off the NE coast of Scotland, having been hit midships by aerial launched torpedo, merchant steamship SS Creemuir sunk in less than 3 minutes taking 30 of her 42 crew with her.  Lying in a depth of 75m, the ship's bell was recovered in August 2012 and later presented to the last living survivor, Radio Officer Noel Blacklock.


APD Inspiration Classic Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) training course completed for 2 trainees at Lochaline Dive Centre, Sound of Mull (www.lochalinedivecentre.co.uk)


Professional SCUBA Association International (PSAI) Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures training course completed.


Flooded quarry surveyed for a client using a small Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV).


Local Stonehaven shipwreck at a depth of 55m side scanned survey with Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)


Stealth SC maintenance technician training course conducted for a SE Asian Special Operations team on behalf of Divex Ltd.  Stealth SC is a small compact semi closed circuit rebreather able to be used with oxygen, nitrox, trimix or heliox gases to a maximum depth of 60m.  Stealth SC provides a cost effective means of conducting a wide range of military diving operations and is the ideal complement to Stealth CDLSE, an electronically controlled mixed gas rebreather designed for use to 120m (www.divexglobal.com).

MAR: 2013

Diving expedition to Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon, Federal States of Micronesia to dive the sunk Japanese fleet following the US operation Hailstone, Feb 1944.

MAR: 2013

Presentation at Oztek, the world's premier technical diving conference on Operation Reclaim, the dramatic race by a civilian technical diving team supported by the UK Royal Navy to recover the ship's bell from HMS Prince of Wales, sunk by the Japanese in the South China Sea, December 1941.

MAR: 2013

An evening of diving presentations at Stonehaven Royal British Legion to raise funds for local flood relief charity following sever winter storms.


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