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Haynes Marine delivers Normoxic mixed gas Closed Circuit Rebreather training enabling trainees to dive to a maximum depth of 60m.

JAN: 2016

Haynes Marine provides marine safety co-ordination and diving supervision in Scapa Flow, Orkney and Kirkenes, Northern Norway for Alaska TV.

DEC: 2015

Haynes Marine Conducts Passenger Transfer at Sea Training at the Stonehaven Survitec Maritime Safety Training Academy

NOV: 2015

Wreck-X (Shipwreck Explorers) launched www.wreck-x.com

OCT: 2015

Haynes Marine provides marine safety co-ordination and diving supervision off the coast of Peru for Alaska TV.

AUG: 2015

Demonstration of Divex rebreathers, the world's most advanced military underwater life support systems to the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

JUL: 2015

Mixed gas CCR Training course conducted.


On behalf of Divex Ltd., the worlds largest manufacturer of professional and military diving equipment, Haynes Marine delivers two weeks of military rebreather training to Marine Reconnaissance and Navy SEAL teams for an East Asian customer.


Paul Haynes completes a Technical Diving Instructor Trainer cross over to RAID (www.diveraid.com)


Haynes Marine undertakes 2 weeks of test diving and training of the James Fisher Defence two man military Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) Torpedo SEAL.


Paul Haynes test dives the new Liberty CCR (www.ccrliberty.com)


Paul Haynes undertakes a series of deep trimix Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) cave dives in N Florida USA with Gregg Stanton, owner manager of Wakulla Dive Centre.


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