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Mr Han Sang Hoon

Recently the RoK Navy purchased Divex Stealth SC rebreather and Paul Haynes was appointed the primary instructor for End-User training.  As the Divex Korea agent I had a chance to participate in the training and I couldn't help but notice how knowledgeable Paul was.  From the in-class training to the wet chamber test diving, sheltered and open water diving during the month of January, the coldest season of the year in Korea, there was nothing Paul wouldn't do.

With my background as a technical diving instructor and supplying the best equipments to the Navy, It was not just me, but all the End-Users who are the best members of the RoK Navy, all agreed that Paul  is the best trainer / instructor anyone could imagine.

Paul you certainly exceeded my expectations and I am glad and proud that I have a chance to recommend you.

Mr Han Sang Hoon
A founding member of TDI/SDI Korea (TDI/SDI #4196)


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