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The Royal Australian Navy has recently procured the Divex Stealth Mixed Gas Rebreather.  Part of the introduction into service was a train the trainer course lead by Paul Haynes. I have been a military diver since 1976, in that time I have been involved in a number of new equipment acquisitions, not only is the Stealth the best diving set I have ever used, but the delivery of the training by Paul was outstanding.
His previous military service enabled him to quickly assimilate with the Clearance Divers on the course.   It was obvious to me from day-one that he processed very high levels of knowledge of the equipment, and the theory of mixed gas rebreathers, this knowledge was based on many years of practical experience, and in our world that is critically important.  In my 37 years as a military diver I have to say that the course delivered my Paul was one of the best I have experienced.  I am looking forward to managing the introduction of the Stealth into the Clearance Diving Course.

P.F Darcey, CSM
Course Implementation Officer
RAN Diving School
HMAS Penguin


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