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Michael Menduno

I feel fortunate to have done my basic closed circuit rebreather training with Paul Haynes. He is one of the best instructors that I have had bar none. Paul brings both a breath and depth of knowledge and experience to his teaching as a result of his 20 plus years of rebreather diving and trainer of military, law enforcement and technical divers. His lectures were substantive and thorough, and he often added additional information based on personal experience of diving and designing rebreathers to provide a deeper understanding to the subject. He also brought his knowledge and experience to our in-water time from showing me practical solutions to configuration issues or an optimum way of performing a given technique. Paul is safety-oriented, always professional, thoughtful, patient, respectful, personable, and astute. He sets a high bar in his class and inspired me to meet it and give my best effort. He created a strong bond of trust and confidence in our working together and I knew he always had my back. I always felt confident in the water with him. He is also a great guy to spend a week with in the field! We worked hard but also had a lot of fun.

Michael Menduno (M2)
May 2012


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