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Commander Chris Ameye

'With a UKSF Military diving background and considerable industry experience gained over many years at DIVEX, Paul Haynes is one of UK's leading military diving experts and is at the forefront of both military & civilian diving technology.  His portfolio is impressive and includes the provision of rebreather diving equipment to SF forces worldwide and the introduction of Clearance Diver's Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) to the Royal Navy, the most advanced electronic mixture gas re-breather in the world.  As a practitioner he is first class and leads in this specialist field, equally at ease presenting to senior military and government organisations or teaching operators at the coal face.  Highly polished, he stands out from the rest, and remains one of UK's most experienced and talented rebreather diver / instructor trainer today'.

Commander Chris Ameye Royal Navy
Former UK MoD Superintendent of Diving - responsibility for UK Armed Forces diving


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