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John R. Clarke, Ph.D.

'I wanted you to know that our recent biomedical testing using the Divex Shadow Excursion went wonderfully. The rig performed exactly as advertised. But perhaps more importantly, Paul Haynes provided consummate training and assistance. His background, knowledge, and demeanor was exactly what was needed to give both Naval Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) and the military test divers the utmost confidence in the product.

Having seen MANY other equipment reps in action through the years, I was amazed at Paul's smooth, confident performance. Although the Navy's contractor regulations prevented him from diving with the students, as he is accustomed, he quickly adjusted, providing outstanding training and monitoring of the divers from topside.

The highest honor bestowed upon him was when the NEDU Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Senior Chief diving supervisor made Paul the rig supervisor during open water dives. That was a well deserved and appropriate action that I doubt has ever been given to a manufacturer's representative by the U.S. Diving Navy.

Again, kudos to Divex for sending us such a well suited training and technical representative. Please pass along to Paul our thanks for a job well done!'

John R. Clarke, Ph.D.

Scientific Director, Navy Experimental Diving Unit
US Navy


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