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Paul HaynesPaul first learned to dive in a professional capacity during 1990 whilst serving in the Royal Marine Commandos and from there quickly developed a passion for the sports side of diving. Following a move into other branches of the armed forces in the early 1990s, Paul’s interest in the underwater world led him to specialising in the maritime special operations environment leading eventually to becoming a free flooding submersible Pilot and Navigator and Instructor of oxygen, nitrox and electronically controlled military rebreathers.

Upon leaving the Armed Forces, for a decade Paul worked for Divex Ltd., the Aberdeen based company who are the world’s largest manufacturer of professional and defence diving equipment. During this period Paul’s principle role was Defence Business Development Manager, however other roles within the company included Chief Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Company Diving Officer and member of the Divex rebreather development team. Today Paul runs his own consultancy company Haynes Marine Ltd. Paul Haynes Kitted Up(www.haynesmarine.com) specialising in maritime and diving industry business development, documentation and training support. This highly specialised field continues to take Paul worldwide training Special Operations Forces, Security Services and Naval Mine Clearance Teams in the range of military diving equipment. Throughout Paul’s diving career he has been actively involved in numerous military rebreather trials as both a trials research subject and equipment evaluation diver.

This work continues today in the capacity of a manufacturer’s technical representative supporting various unmanned and manned diving evaluations of underwater life support and ancillary equipment. Besides an extensive military diving background, Paul is an advanced mixed gas open and closed circuit rebreather / semi closed rebreather Instructor Trainer and BSAC First Class Diver, who manages on average around 80 dives per year in a range of environments worldwide. During 2003 Paul was a member of the civilian diving team who on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence, supported by the UK Royal Navy, recovered the Ships Bell from HMS Prince of Wales, sunk in the S China Sea during WWII.

Paul is a member of the BSAC NE Scotland Regional Coaching Team and during 2007 was appointed to the BSAC National Diving Council as the Technical Diving Instructor Development Officer. In addition Paul is a Professional SCUBA Association International (PSAI) technical diving Instructor. Over the last few years Paul has been an invited speaker at various national and international diving / hyperbaric conferences to present a variety of subjects such as rebreather design and testing, military rebreather diving operations and technical diving training. Paul is a member of a local wreck research / diving group Stonehaven Snorkellers who can be found all year round diving various new sites in the North Sea off Scotland typically in the 60m to 90m range.


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